About Gill

Gill Wyatt is the author of literary fiction books in the Family Saga genre. She has just released Under The Sun, which is the third book in The Aurora Trilogy.

The first book, Chasing the Wind, was first published in 2012. It is described in reviews on Amazon as

poignant and compelling,’ ‘a good read with a challenging storyline,’ and ‘thought provoking.’

The books express Gill’s interest in human relationships and the arts and music which reflect Gill’s own interests. She is currently learning to play the folk harp. According to one review, ‘the evocation of folk music is convincing and poetic’, which is probably as a result of Gill’s own interest in folk music.

Gill’s last employment was as a support worker with a local charity, County Community Projects (CCP). Working for CCP has sparked an even greater interest in the weak and vulnerable which is therefore reflected in her writing.

Gill is currently undertaking a business course with The Business Kitchen and is fascinated by the way a business works. She often has to remind herself that the writing comes first because otherwise she will have nothing to sell.

Gill enjoys reading, and began writing many years ago as a means of catharsis.

Gill’s Favourite Writers

Jodi Picoult, because of the wonderful characterisation.

Brandon Sanderson, because of the sheer vibrancy of his imagination and the amazing fantasy world that he creates.

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